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Curb appeal is the property’s version of a first impression. Here are some tips to improve a home’s curb appeal:

  1. Begin with the front of the house to pique interest and give an energetic “welcome".Walk across the stress to view what buyers will see. Write your to-do list with a vertical column stating who will be responsible for the upgrade or repairs and add a due date.

  2. It can be as simple as painting the front door and shutters.

  3. Replace the roof if it is old, along with the gutters. Replacing neglected landscaping will also help.

  4. Homeowners can place seasonal planters and decor outside to give it a homey feel. Cover the grill and hide the trash cans. Replace the garage door if it is worn and does not function properly. Evaluate curtains from the outside.

  5. Give the home a good power washing along with proper window cleaning. Remove window screens and put them neatly away in the garage or basement. Also power wash the driveway and sidewalk. Adding fresh mulch and weeding is essential.

These simple tips will do the trick and turn your home into every buyers dream!