Lancaster County is known for locally grown farm fresh produce. Many locals in the Akron, Ephrata & Lititz area are familiar with farm stands such as Reiff’s & Hoover’s Though summer is coming to a close & sweet corn, strawberry & watermelon season is ending, Fall brings the beginning of apple season. Whether eaten as a snack or baked into a pie, apples can be found at many local produce stands.

For those interested in picking their own apples for pies or canning apple sauce Lancasteronline staff writer Erin Negly has written an article about 5 apple orchards in our area: “Pick your own apples at these 5 orchards in the Lancaster County region”. Negly’s article outlines the location of the orchards, season (type of apples grown & length of picking season), cost, hours of operation & contact information.

Now that you know where to purchase or pick apples this fall, here are a few recipe ideas:

Marian's  Open Face Apple Pie recipe

1.      Apple Pie (Food Network)

2.      Apple Dumplings (Betty Crocker)

3.      Applesauce (Simply Recipes)

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